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How It Got Started

The Full Story

We first met at a party in college. The honest truth is that Allison was not really into Zach the night they met.  Zach just started his journey in martial arts and recently earned his yellow belt. Allison wasn't all that impressed, considering she is a 3rd degree black belt and spent most of her life training and teaching.  She knew this guy needed some help with his martial art skills. She gave him her number that night and didn't think much more about it. Zach happened to text her the next day and wanted to work out. That day was when Zach caught Allison's eye. The rest is history... 

We got married in March of 2017!  We now have two dogs and love going on adventures of all sizes.  We enjoy exploring new places, new food, and just having fun! 

One of our current adventures is Youtube! We love YouTube for so many reasons. First, it's free for everyone to support you. Second, it gives normal people an opportunity to be creative.  Lastly, we have so much fun creating content!  We would love it if you would subscribe to our channel!  We post a new video every Saturday! 

We live by the saying - "Make Every Day An Adventure"! 

See you on Saturday! 

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