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Americans Try Making Traditional Chinese Food

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

It is so fun exploring the food from different cultures!

We have always been a fan of what we know as American Chinese Food. We have known that what we as Americans know as Chinese food is not actually what they eat in China. We really wanted to experience what "REAL" Chinese food is like.

We have a very dear friend named Valerie from college. Actually, Valerie is one of the people responsible for introducing us to each other! There were a few people involved but that is a story for another day. Let's get back on topic! Valerie is from China! I knew that she could help figure out what real Chinese food is!

Valerie gave me 3 different common Chinese dishes to make! Here is the catch. She did not provide us the recipe and it was up to us to find one! This made our adventure even more fun! We had no idea if we were making any of these dishes right! *** Spoiler*** You will see that we failed a little bit!

Even if what we made was not exactly how they make it in China we had a blast doing this and will keep making some of the dishes we tried!

Watch our video to see our adventure as we attempt to make traditional Chinese food!

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