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Exercising Your Dogs During Winter

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

If you know us, then you know that we have two Blue Heelers ( aka Australian Cattle Dogs) that are a huge part of our lives. Their names are Wrangler, like the blue jeans, and Stetson, like the cowboy hat.

Australian Cattle dogs are bread to be working dogs. They are extremely intelligent and have a lot of energy.

Our dogs do not work on a farm and it's important that we give them the mental and physical exercise they need.

When our dogs are under-stimulated, trust me, they let you know!

Summertime is easy when it comes to stimulating your dog! We all love to be outside and can run and play all day! The hard part is winter! We hate the cold, and the sun sets so early.

We made a video giving you a few tips about what we do during winter to keep our dogs active; both mentally and physically!

Hopefully, you can get some decent ideas to help you and your dog enjoy winter a little bit more.

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