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I let my husband pick my hair dye

Yes. The title is true! I let my husband pick my hair dye and dye my hair without knowing the color first.

like many people I haven't gotten my hair done in such a long time. I also spend a lot of time at home so I was starting to get bored. Girls you know how that goes.

This is what my hair color was prior to this wonderful idea I had. It was a little more grown out than this photo!

I still cant believe I did this! If you know anything about Zach then you would know that he doesn't care about hair, clothes, or anything remotely related to fashion. He has zero knowledge about hair care and color.

I knew that this could be bad and that I was taking a risk! I dont think I REALLY knew how much of a risk I was actually taking. If you want to see my reaction and the actual color go watch the video

Check out the video:

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