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Pet Friendly Cabin in New London Missouri

When you have pets traveling is tough!

We have a great dog sitter that our dogs love and she does a great job! It doesn't matter how great they do with her I still hate leaving them! Sometimes its necessary but the more pet friendly travel I can do the happier I am.

We stayed at this pet friendly Cabin located in New London, Missouri

This cabin is primitive but has everything you need to enjoy a quick weekend getaway.

Check out the tour of this cabin:

When we stayed here it was freezing cold and inside the cabin we were warm enough to kick off our shoes and relax. It is heated with space heaters so you might want to make sure you bring extra blankets if you get cold easily. It is also equipped with air conditioning too for the summer.

Since this cabin is primitive it does not have running water meaning there is not a bathroom. They do have a shower house with bathrooms and multiple outhouses that are nice and clean. They also provided water in the cabin that you can use for drinking ect.

One thing we forgot to bring in our camp stove. There is not a stove but there was a small grill located outside our cabin but we did not bring the supplies we needed in order to use it. They have a camp store that you can purchase what you need but we were not there long enough to do so.

They also have the cutest fire pit set up right outside the cabin perfect for s'mores and hanging out around the campfire with your friends and family!

The only real negative thing about this cabin was the location. It was located right off the highway and you could see and hear the highway when you were outside. It really was not a big deal and didn't change the enjoyment factor. You are still surrounded by nature with the perfect view of Salt river.

New London Missouri is located close to historic Hannible Missouri! You won't be disappointed having so many potential adventures at your finger tips.

Check out our adventure:

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