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Trying Aldi Vegan Food

Zach and I committed to being #vegan for the month of January. You can call it #Veganuary

Going vegan for the month of January is about the adventure! Its always fun exploring different ways of eating. Its forcing us to try new things! We don't expect perfection and know that we will have times where we slip up!

The world of veganism is growing rapidly and there are so many resources out there for vegans.

We went to out favorite store #Aldi and were amazed at how many vegan options they had for fun and convenient meals.

We bought everything that we wanted to try and made meals throughout the week! This was an adventure that I had low exceptions for. Turns out my exceptions were blown away with some of the amazing meals we had!

Watch our YouTube video about trying Aldi Vegan Food below!

** Spoiler** The meatball sub was my favorite

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