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We Went Geocaching For the First Time

We are always looking for something fun to do that is free! We have always talked about Geocaching but never actually did it... until now.

Finally we set out on our first Geocaching adventure!

If you have never been geocaching or have never heard of it its basically a treasure hunt!

First you have to download the free geocaching app. Once you download the app you will see on the map that there are tons of caches to find around you! It is free to geocache but if you want caches with a higher difficulty you can pay for their premium membership. You also can bring trinkets with you to swap out at each cach if its big enough. Some caches are smaller and you can just initial the log inside.

I had no idea what to expect! I thought we would be walking miles and miles to find these caches but it turns out that most of them where located in easily accessible places. Most of the ones we found were actually in very populated areas. They are not always easy to spot and are creatively hidden. Its funny because we were driving around to different parking lots looking in random places. We probably looked crazy but who cares because it was a blast!

Check out our adventure!

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