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What The Funk

Have you ever experienced funk and you don't know what steps to take to get out of it?

Yep me too!

Although I am extremely happy with my life and I am beyond blessed to live the life I do I still find myself in this stupid little funk.

In my previous post I talked about the things I do that I enjoy and make me happy!

I am happy with almost every area of my life... but there is one area of life that I just feel stuck, unsatisfied but not sure what direction I need to go!

That thing that is causing me to be in funk is my career.

I graduated in college in 2017 and it is one of my proudest accomplishment that I never thought I would be capable of. I never thought I would even get my degree and went to school on a whim. I remember the day like it was yesterday. in 2013 I was going through I huge life change that altered my career path. I thought I knew what I was going to do with my life and then all of the sudden I didn't. I was having a conversation with my Dad talking about buying a gym that was for sale. Things were not adding up and it just didnt seem like the right opportunity. My dad randomly suggested going away to school. I thought about it for a few seconds applied and next thing you know I started a brand new adventure.

I want even sure If I was capable of graduating but I was willing to try anything and I was so excited to have a fresh start. I thought I knew I would study education and become a teacher because teaching children was the only thing I knew I was good at. It did not take long to realize that it was absolutely not what I wanted to do! All I knew is that I didnt want to be a teacher.

At this point I still didnt realize that I was actually intelligent and capable! I decided to go into the College of Business. I started marketing then switched to Human Resource Management. Although I enjoyed most of my classes I realized in my last year that I had no desire to work in HR. At this point it was too late to change.

I was working in a job I hated. Zach was basically living in Mississippi for his job my friend was diagnosed with brain cancer and it just made sense to make a life change and become more flexible. I started teaching for VIPKID and doing some freelance recruiting. I wanted to be mobile and able to work from anywhere. Zach also was interested in finding a new job and was willing to relocate. We accepted an amazing offer with an amazing company and we moved about 2 hours from where we were living. It was the best decision and if I wasn't working virtually it would have never worked out as great as it has!

Now the transition is over and I am ready for more! The problem is I don't know what the more even is!

I am looking on and there isn't anything worth applying too.

I have even looked into going back to school but do I really want to go back to school? There are so many things I would be interested in studying but the thought of more student debt, more papers and homework! I just don't know!

I also love the flexibility and I am battling with giving that up.

Just so many factors that I battle on what my next step is and should be.

Here are things I am interested in pursing.

- Photography and Videography

- Accounting

- Cyber Security

-Vet Tech

- Dietetics

As you can see I am all over the place.

At some point you have to pray and take the leap of faith!

Stay Tuned to see what leap I take!

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